RF Designs
RF and GPS Antenna Layout
Scope of Work:
Services Provided:
Placement to accommodate a GPS antenna and 2.4 GHz RF antenna
Create an RF antenna in etch
Controlled Impedance design and stack-up creation
Isolate RF and GPS circuits from noisy digital circuitry
Images of Layout
Working closely with our customer, we laid out a successful prototype GPS antenna with a RF Transceiver board that will go directly into production, without modification.  This highly sensitive layout required the skills of an RF layout with the experience of HDI.  With a Micro BGA with laser via-in-pad and 2.4 GHz PCB antenna designed in etch on the top side, this board had plenty of layout challenges to overcome.
Design a board with GPS capabilities with a 2.4 GHz antenna on board
Isolate the digital circuitry from the highly sensitive RF circuit
Micro BGA technology with via-in-pad technology
Design the board for low cost high volume production