FABRICATION: Let us assist you in all your Fabrication needs. We use only Quality Manufacturing Partners for Military, Medical, Commercial, or Consumer Industries. Level A, B, or C producibility.
ASSEMBLY SERVICES: Utilizing our PCB Assembly Partners we are able to offer Full PCB Assembly Services.
Library Symbol Creation and Management
Schematic Support: DxDesigner, Pads Logic, and Altium Designer
Placement and Routing
High Speed Rules Design and Routing
HDI Layouts
IPC DFM and DFA practices
Full Easy to Use Final Data for Fabrication and/or Assembly Packages (sample packages)
Quick Turn
Blind and Burried Micro-Vias
Rigid, Rigid-Flex, Flex
Class 2, Class 3 with C of C
Consigned or Full Turn-key Assembly
Small Prototype Assembly
Production Run Assembly
Lead Free
Class 2, Class 3 with C of C
Rework: (BGA, SMT, Thru-hole)
PCB DESIGN AND LAYOUT: With our vast years of experience in PCB Design and a dedication to Design it Right the first time, we have a proven process of designing quality layouts with standard IPC DFM and DFA practices.